Saturday, 16 May 2015

Under attack

The second bolt thrower is finished! (Ok, I cheated a bit and painted some of it together with the first one)
I continue with the mini-diorama ideas, so this time the two crew members are defending the war machine from an attack and showing their cooperation. The mage has almost been badly hurt, but tthe warrior protects him with his shield, receiving magical support at the same time.

I wanted to use the shadow warrior champion head and things kind of snowballed from there. And of course there must be more magical effects. The sword was first greenstuffed to create the flames, then I created a mold for it, tore the greenstuff off, painted the sword and made the flames on top of it with my favourite crystallic resin and painted with. It could have been even more transparent, but still I think it turned out ok.

I have also added some OSL to help show that the mage is casting on the warrior rather than clinging on him for support.

The rest is pretty straightforward. The fire bowl is supposed to be a simple field version of a tiny shrine of Asuryan and was included mostly to add a third element to the whole model, as the two crew members are so close together. (It's the phoenix guard banner top made from crystallic resin)
I am not very happy with the damage on the warriors's shield, but once I painted them on, it would have been really difficult to remove them, so they get to stay.

As with the previous one, both crew members are removeable so they can act as damage tokens.

Friday, 8 May 2015

War machines

We have been using paper bolt throwers from one monk  for some time (the website seems to have changed so I can't find the bolt thrower itself there anymore), but now I finaly got to replacing them. It may have something to do with the fact that I hate the cavalry and will probably scrap the models and try to come up with completely new conversions.

Anyway, as always we had to find a model we liked and this was the first time we almost disagreed. I quite liked the high elf bolt thrower with its elegant shape while Marchosias thought it too obvious a choice (an unconverted GW model?) and wanted something that would look like it was assembled on the battlefield, maybe like the old goblin spearchukkas he had once used on a tournament.
Luckily for us, while searching for some other options I stumbled upon Eccentric Miniatures and their Great crossbows and the model seemed like a perfect compromise, simple but still civilised.Plus the price! I think this is the first time our alternative model is actually cheaper than what it's supposed to represent, at least when not counting the crew.
We ordered two packs straight away and when they arrived we discovered the war machines were even smaller than we had first imagined. Not that a smaller model doesn't have its advantages, for example it can fit on its base together with its crew (one of Marchosias's arguments against the High elf bolt throwers was that they were too big), but could we really imagine this small thing taking out demon princes or big monsters? And this is how the idea of magical support was born. :)

The warrior is made in the exact same way as our spearelves and the mage is made from High elf archer kit (the staff is actually the archer standard pole) and a mage head. The warrior is drawing an arrow out of a High elf bolt thrower ammo stand while the mage is casting casting a spell on the war machine.

 Yeah, I guess it wouldn't be me if I didn't overcomplicate everything. But as I wanted to have the mage there, I couldn't resist some magical effects and for me that means crystallic resin. He's supposed to be drawing the High elf rune over the bolt thrower with his finger.

Top view:

One more picture:

More bolt throwers in progress and I plan to make them all into "mini-dioramas", so stay tuned. :)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I'm still alive

Strange as it may sound, I'm not dead and maybe even back to painting, at least for this moment. And I have a new model to prove it.

He won't be a standalone model but a part of bolt thrower crew (that's why he's bluetacked to a round base), but I wanted to show something even before the whole bolt thrower is finished.
(More about the bolt throwers and why there will be a mage as part of their crew when I finish the first one, which hopefully shouldn't take too long now)

More views:

Thursday, 2 April 2015

A bit of advertising

I don't normally do this and after such a long time of silence I probably shouldn't, but I'm too excited and at least you, my imaginary readers, will know I'm still alive.

Raging Heroes, my favourite company and the creator of our lovely witch elves and harpies as well as many other awesome models, are doing their second kickstarter, this time featuring more dark elves. (Together with sisters of battle and probably Slaaneshi chaos?) And judging from their concept art, it's going to be truly epic.

All right, I'm not getting that one (it doesn't really fit our army fluff), but it can serve as illustration of the awesomeness level of this KS. 
And now that I've got your attention, some models I am getting (most probably, if they don't release even more awesome ones):

Dark elf basic troops. I still don't what we're going to use these for (maybe Sisters of slaughter, even though we orinally planned to make those from RH sci-fi vestals), but we're definitely getting them.

These would be perfect warlocks, if we decide to change our fluff for them completely, or maybe dark riders? All I know is that I'm definitely getting those, especially as I'm starting to really hate both of my cavalry conversions.

I'm not sure if I like this one or her sci-fi sister more, but I love her look. Complex yet sleek and elegant...

Also, every pledge above Lieutenant level (about 175 dollars) gets 15 freebies, one of which is revealed each day of the campaign. And those freebies are epic, too, like this one:

So, just check it out. It's really awesome. And if you're reluctant about paying for concept art... I understand, but Raging Heroes is the only company I really trust to pull this off. Just have a look at some images from their first kickstarter (there are more examples there)

So, yeah. I'm really excited about this one.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Even temporary models need love

As I'm struggling with the cavalry as well as many annoying non-Warhammer related aspects of life (university work, windows being replaced in the house...), I have actually finished something. Ok, it's not a real model, but it's still something and it will probably get used for quite some time, so it should count, right?

Marchosias, the actual general of the army we're creating together, has said he would maybe like a dragon. With emphasis on the maybe, he isn't sure without extensive testing if he would like to put one in his permanent armylist, or to just have some fun with the model. Even testing is much easier if you have something to use without having to borrow a model every single time, though, so I have suggested maybe getting something cheap. Choosing and painting a "real" dragon model would probably take really long anyway.

Anyway, we found this, crystal dragon by Papo, in a toyshop for about 12 euro. The dragon has almost perfect size (slightly bigger, but that can be fixed by basing), perfect colour and it was half transparent to go with the ice/crystal theme. And I guess my experiments with crystallic resin make me interested in semitransparent stuff. I guess it's something created by magic rather than a real living creature and probably can be used as an ice phoenix as well, if we ever decide to make the Lost Colony into a dual army.
And by the way, this is the only picture I have found online and haven't taken any of my own before basing it, but it does look much better in real life.

I didn't have to paint it (it would just lose the transparency), but it needed a base. And it wouldn't be be if I didn't make something really simple into something really complicated just by having crazy ideas.
First, the dragon had to be elevated above most infantry-sized models, to make up for its rather low pose and also for its size, as all of its paws were slightly over the base it should be on. Building a huge rock was no problem, but things snowballed from there. Because if this is an ice creature made by magic, there should be some frost around it, right? And I didn¨t want snow, I wanted frost of the kind you can get on your windows in winter, just something that happens when it's cold. And this is where I almost got stuck. I googled and found many tutorials for wnow, some for icecicles (which I used on the overhanging portions of the rock), but nothing for frost. I experimented with almost everything from drybrushing, diluted paint or paint mixed with varnish to glitter to silk-painting techniques and eventually ended up using strong solution of salt I put on the rock and left to crystallize.
And this is the result:

Im not 100% happy with the result, but it's the best I was able to achieve with any of the techniques I have managed to come up with. The salt crystals even sparkle a bit. Then I sprayed with varnish a little to protect it from rubbing off, but I still tend to be careful around it.

The final dragon:

And one more photo with better view of the base:

Sunday, 28 September 2014

First warlock finished

Another long overdue post, but... anyway.
First of the warlocks is finally painted. I'm still not sure if he looks awesome enough, but as i still have no better ideas, they're going to stay like this, at least for now.

I tried to make his clothes look a bit like a fantasy version of a military uniform to tie with our "military outpost" fluff. Otherwise just keeping to the same colour scheme, so no big surpruses there.
I also tried to give a slight golden tint to the metal... things on the horse with gryphon sepia wash to show that these guys belong to the solar side, but I don't know if it's even noticeable.

More views:


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Warlocks on the way

The conversion that has been giving us headaches ever since the new army book came out is finally done! Hopefully, I'm still not 100% sure about it, but as we have no better ideas and really need warlocks in the army...

They required a lot of looking outside GW, at least for a model that's still composed of parts. The top half is from Reaper (I bought a bunch of their Vale elves from the Warlord range, this should hopefully make for models with matching clothes and different poses), the legs are from Victoria Miniatures and arms are GW (witch elf and Dark eldar mandrake)

I shaved some "victorian detailing" from the legs and lenghtened them, because they seemed too short both compared with glade rider legs and on the model itself.

 Anyway, more shots of the model: